Frequently Asked Questions

A. We take all major insurances, besides Medicare.  For all other inquires, please contact the Business Office 763-333-7722.

A. Our primary concern is the welfare of patients entrusted to our care.  Unfortunately, however, we must also be concerned with the economic factor.  In compliance with the Federal Consumer Credit Protection Act, we wish to notify you of our policy regarding payment of statements rendered on your behalf.

  • We expect payment on the day of service.  We will, however, extend credit to those patients who have demonstrated a good credit record in the past.
  • If an account has been billed, it must be paid in full within 30 days of receipt of the monthly statement.
  • Forms of payment we accept are: cash, check, American Express, Visa and MasterCard.
  • If you cannot pay the bill in full, arrangements must be made through our business office. We are happy to set up a payment plan.
  • A finance charge is assessed on all accounts with charges over 60 days.  The rate is 8% APR.
  • Patients are placed on a cash basis if any portion of their account balances pass 90 days. This means that all non-emergency visits must be paid for at the time of service. All emergency visits must be paid for within one week of the visit.
  • Accounts will be listed with our legal collections agency if the balance reaches 120 days unless a payment plan is established and followed.
  • For more information, call our business office at (763) 333-7722 

A. Patients arriving late by 10 minutes or more may need to reschedule.  If scheduling permits, the patient may be seen by the next available provider. There may be a long wait. If you know you will be late for an appointment, please call us at (763) 333-7733

A. We encourage appointments! During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not accepting walk-in appointments during the weekdays due to spacing. Weekends and Holidays are by walk-in only. Walk-in patients will see the next available provider, who will not necessarily be their preferred provider. 

A. We will bill your health plan for specific types of phone calls with your health care provider, if it is to to provide care in place of an office visit. Calling may save you the time and inconvenience of bringing your child to the office. We will not bill for advice given to you by our medical support staff (nurses and medical assistants).

Many problems may be solved over the phone.  We are happy to provide this service but please note that it is against the policy of this clinic to treat by phone when a child has a serious illness or has never been seen in our office.

Even when the office is closed, an answering service is available to make sure your child receives excellent care.  Please call anytime your child is ill or injured and the on-call provider will call you back, but save routine calls and medication refill requests for regular office hours.

A. Please call your Pharmacy for prescription refills. We need 24 hours to process the refill request from the pharmacist. All refill requests on weekends and holidays will be addressed the following business day (Monday-Friday).